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BotSeller has been in business for well over ten years now, a major accomplishment in an industry such a high failure rate. The experience and dedication of our staff has been proven time & time again. Don't trust your hard earned  money to just any fly-by-night provider, take comfort in our long standing reputation for being a high quality shell provider.

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       German Based Servers :






Purchase Plan

Hard Disk

160 GB

160 GB x 2 

250 GB x 2

500 GB x 2


2 GB

4 GB

8 GB

12 GB


Core 2 Duo
2 x 2.1 Ghz

Core 2 Quad
4 x 2.33 Ghz

 Core 2 Quad
4 x 2.33 Ghz

Intel Core i7
4 x 2.67 Ghz

 IP Allocation





Monthly Traffic

1000 GB

1500 GB

2000 GB

2000 GB


100 Mbit

100 Mbit

100 Mbit

100 Mbit

 Setup Fees





     Direct Admin (optional) $15 $15 $15 $15

Monthly Fees






CentOS, Redhat, Fedora, Debian, FreeBSD: FREE
Windows 2003 standard edition: $25.99/month

2 GB RAM: $15.00/month
6 GB RAM: $30.00/month
250 GB HDD: $10 /month
500 GB HDD: $15/month
1000 Mbit port: $100 /month



  1. Any illegal activity within your server, will cause your h-d to be formatted, without any notice, or refund.

  2. Botseller will not be responsible to any abusive behavior coming from your server and you will have to face the law authorities, in any case, you will be caught doing, illegal activity.

  3. Though all the servers got backup, by isp backup robot, You should keep a copy somewhere and ensure your self a back up.

  4. In any case you will need reinstall of the o-s (i.e. to physically go down to ISP and install a fresh O/S, it will cost you $20  (keep your computer in good shape, and update security patches, and you wont ever have to reinstall it.

  5. if you didn't renew your payment, your server will be deleted 1 day afterwards. You have to renew 3 days before your period expires, in order to ensure, the continuance of the contract. If you don't renew, we assume you don't want to continue, and we reserve the right to format your h-d 1 day after expiration.

  6. If you renew during the last month of your period (i.e., you are late), we will relate to your payment as an offer to remake the contract, and we will start everything from scratch, ( including 2 month payment in advance).

  7. We rent a server, not a battle zone, if we get complains about heavy ddos attacks, your server will be closed, and moved somewhere else (we provide a reasonable solution until your date of expiration, meanwhile you will find your self a new battle zone, out side of our servers).
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