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  SALE !!!   .org/.ru @ $6.99 /yr  -  .in @ $5.99 /yr  -  .net/.de/.it/.name/.info/.biz/.es @ $9.99 /yr  -  .com @ $10.99 /yr  -  .us/.eu @ $8.99 /yr  - Special Offer: Get Unlimited WebHosting in just $70 /yr.  - SALE !!! Get 5 BG shell account for a year in just $45   -  SALE !!! Buy any 1 Xdcc account for a year and get another Free.
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.COM $10.99
.NET $9.99
.ORG $6.99
.BIZ $9.99
.INFO $9.99
.IN $5.99
.US $8.99
.NAME $9.99
.EU $8.99
.DE $9.99
.ES $9.99
.IT $9.99
.RU $6.99
.BE $7.50
.FR $11.99
.RE $11.99
.PM $11.99
.TF $11.99
.WF $11.99
.YT $11.99
.WS $12.99
.CA $16.99
.CO $14.99
.BZ $25.99
.CC $23.99
.TV $34.99
.TEL $15.99
.ME $28.50
.MN $49.99
.MOBI $10.99
.ASIA $16.50
.CO.IN $5.99
.NET.IN $5.99
.ORG.IN $5.99
.GEN.IN $5.99
.FIRM.IN $5.99
.IND.IN $5.99
.CO.UK $7.00
.ME.UK $7.00
.ORG.UK $7.00
.NET.NZ $60.00
.ORG.NZ $60.00
.CO.NZ $60.00
.AE.ORG $30.00
.PK $15.00
.COM.PK $15.00
.NET.PK $15.00
.ORG.PK $15.00
.COM.CO $16.99
.NET.CO $16.99
.NOM.CO $16.99
.NET.AU $14.99
.COM.AU $14.99
.COM.RU $6.99
.NET.RU $6.99
.ORG.RU $6.99
.XXX $90.00

BotSeller has been in business for well over ten  years now, a major accomplishment in an industry such a high failure rate. The experience and dedication of our staff has been proven time & time again. Don't trust your hard earned  money to just any fly-by-night provider, take comfort in our long standing reputation for being a high quality shell provider.

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20 MB of storage
1 BG Processor
SSH -FTP Access

Only $2 /mo.

Unlimited Lst
Auto DJ
Btr 128 Kbps
Conn 1Gbps
Only $22 /mo.

5 GB of storage
SSH - FTP Access
Unlimited send

Just in $6 /mo.

2 GB Space
20 GB Bandwidth
MySQL Database

Only $16 /year

Max Lst 500
Auto DJ Space
Max Btr 64 Kbps
10 Accounts
$15 /mo.

2048 MB Space
20 GB Bandwidth
Add/Del instantly

$40 /year

BotSeller is dedicated to providing our clients with the fastest and the most stable Internet services around. Whether you're looking for a shell account to run an eggdrop bot, an IRCD account, BNC, a web hosting account to host your web site, or an email account to be contacted from anywhere on the globe, we can provide all of these services at an appealing cost to you.


Our goal is to provide you with the best solution to meet your Internet needs. We strive to providing excellent services with our fast connections to the Internet backbone. We have dedicated shell servers and dedicated hosting servers.

We guarantee a 99.9% service availability, which makes us one of the most reliable ISPs in the industry. Our servers are located in USA, Canada and Germany.

We offer a wide range of UNIX networking and Internet Hosting services to meet the demands of our customers, such as Shell Accounts, Business Hosting, Email Hosting, Co-located Servers, and Dedicated Servers.

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13 June, 2012
.ORG SALE! $6.99 !!!

12 June, 2012
Reseller Plan of ShoutCast Hosting is available now. 

11 June, 2012
ShoutCast Hosting switched to 1000 mbit connection.

02 Aug, 2009
New Server Launched.
Botseller Lauched its 9th server for IRC Hosting named ButterFinger.Botseller.net.

21 July, 2009
WebHosting Premium Package.
Get unlimited Disk Storage and unlimited bandwidth account just in $70 /year

27 APril, 2009
New Server Launched.
Botseller Lauched its 8th server for IRC Hosting named Milka.Botseller.net.

5 Feb, 2009
New Server Launched.
Botseller Lauched its 7th server for IRC Hosting named Twix.Botseller.net.

9 July, 2008
New Server Launched.
Botseller Lauched its 6th server for IRC Hosting named Galaxy.Botseller.net.

11 May, 2008
Xdcc Hosting.
New offer launced on Xdcc Hosting Buy any 1 Package for a year and get another absolutely free.

1 May, 2008
Web Hosting Reseller plan Packages Upgraded starting from $4.59 per month. host unlimited domains, emails and many more for further detail please visit our Reseller section.

25 March, 2008
E-mail hosting with free domain for a year just in $18 Unbeatable!!

15 March, 2008
Proxy Hosting Services.
Starting from just $5 / month.

1 Feb, 2008
IRC Shell Hosting.
Get 1 BG shell just in $18 per year. Unbeatable!!

1 Jan, 2008
Reseller Hosting!!!
Start Your own Hosting company and process client accounts by your company name. Botseller Provides complete hosting facilty You can resell's Domain name, webhosting, IRC hosting by your company name for further detail please visit our Reseller section or contact us at sales@botseller.net.

5 Dec, 2007
Reseller Shell Hosting
Get 20 BG Reseller Panel with many features available in just $20 per month. Now you can start reselling IRC Shell accounts in just $20 per month.

10 Nov, 2007
Special Shell Plan
Get 5 BG for a year in just $45.
Get 50 BG account just in $33 per month and Now pay for 3 month and get 1 month service absolutely free, Limited accounts.

1 Oct, 2007
SSL Certificates available now please refer our SSL ceritificate section.

Botseller.Net We care about You!!










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